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Skirt and Jacket







By combining two protective parts for the upper and the lower part of the body a spread of weight to shoulders and hip is achieved. More comfort for the user.


Lead equivalents:
0.25 mm Pb - 50 mm Pb in the front through overlapping

Each skirt and each jacket is delivered with seperate coat hanger.

Available sizes:


  Length Width Order code
Small 55 cm 75 cm EOR76
  60 cm 75 cm EOT8H
  65 cm 75 cm EOT9K


60 cm 85 cm EOUAO
  65 cm 85 cm EOUCS
  70 cm 85 cm EOUG1
Large 60 cm 95 cm EOUH3
  65 cm 95 cm EOUJ5
  70 cm 95 cm EOUK7


  Length Chest Order code
Small 60 cm 107 cm EOULA


60 cm 117 cm EOUMC
Large 60 cm 127 cm EOUNE
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