CAWO Solutions - your business is part of our name
      CAWO Solutions - your business is part of our name

The CAWO Team... realising creative and efficient customised solutions.


Taking care of our customers with a flexible approach.
Focussing on market needs, connecting people and continents.




Manager CAWO


Stefan Peters

(Manager CAWO)


Phone: +49 8252 9109 20

Sales Processing


Carolin Hammerer

(Sales Processing Assistant)


Phone: +49 8252 9109 34

Sales and Sales Processing


Tanja Seißler

(Sales Assistant)


Phone: +49 8252 9109 21

Sales and Sales Processing


Ulla Reil

(Sales Assistant)


Phone: +49 8252 9109 22

Sales and Sales Processing


Katrin Großhauser

(Sales Assistant)


Phone: +49 8252 9109 23



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