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X-Ray Protection Option Line

The Option Line for X-Ray Protection Clothing completes now our range of X-Ray Protection products. The Option Line allows us to offer new youthful and varied aprons, shields and
other protective accessoires accompanied by high-technology and continued progresses. 


The Option Line impresses with the soft cover material, which is antimicrobial and water-resistant. The smooth surface is easy to clean and wrinkle free.

Available are:

Coat Apron

Coat Apron Junior (0.50 mm Pb)

DS Apron – Maxx or Optixx Version

DS Apron Junior (0.50 mm Pb)

Vest – Max or Optixx Version


Dental Apron (0.35 mm Pb)

Patient Half Apron

Surgical D-O Apron

Thyroid Shield

Gonad Shield (1.00 mm Pb)

Ovarian Shield (1.00 mm Pb)

Head Protection (0.25 mm Pb)

Patient Shield (add. 1.00 mm Pb)

Panoramic Apron (0.35 mm Pb)


The Option Line is available in three different inner materials:

LLU – LiteLead / lead (standard, if not indiated)
MLU – MaxLite / light version, lead
LGU – LiteGreen / lead free








- Standard colour: Royal blue, if applicable: with Camel contrast ribbon

- Fastening: Velcro fastening with extra strong velcro fastener (Skirt: Combo of Velcro and Clip)

Other colours, colourful (mixed) versions, fastenings and inner material are possible and need only to be indicated in case of your order.

Special versions like “Frill“ and “PC material“ are optional to order.

More details, info and prices upon request.


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