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The standard screens for fluoroscopy is the green-emitting CAWO LS 16. The screen is made from a rare earth type phosphor. Its extreme brilliance allows a minimum radiation dose to the patient as well as showing good detail perceptibility.

Technical Specifications:

Phosphor Gd2O2S: Tb
Thickness (screen) 370 μm

Thickness (phosphor layer)

190 μm
Light emission ( λ max.) 545 nm
After glow (50%) 2 μs (approx.)

Most common sizes:

Sizes Order codes
9 x 12 cm 223JX

13 x 18 cm

24 x 30 cm G4L96
25 x 45 cm 33C3S
30 x 30 cm G5CUM
30 x 40 cm G4CSH
35 x 35 cm 39SKY
35 x 43 cm G4MBD
40 x 40 cm G5BGP
43 x 43 cm G5AOZ

Fluoroscopy screens are also available in all the other sizes required for commercial apparatus.

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