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Patient Protection

Protective Gonad Apron


This apron is made of flexible, tear-resistant lead-rubber sheets. The attractive blue outer covering is made of supple, water-resistant plastic and can easily be cleaned.

The Protective Gonad Apron is for the protection of patients during chest radiography or screening.

Lead equivalence: 0.50 mm Pb


Gonad Aprons are delivered with hip clamp, as shown in this picture. They can be ordered with velcro fastener also.


                                                           Available sizes (order code):
• 20 x 25 cm (G4CKR)

                                                           • 30 x 30 cm (G4CNX)
                                                           • 37 x 45 cm (G4CP2)
                                                           • 45 x 50 cm (G5ZKO)

                                                           • 60 x 45 cm (EN7PQ)




Protective Scrotum Shield


This device protects the testicles.


Lead equivalence: 1.0 mm Pb


Available sizes (order code):
• small (HSVS8)
• medium (G5YQW)
• large (HSV2S)


Ovary Shields


The Ovary Shield protects the ovaries during X-ray examinations against harmful radiation.


Lead equivalence: 1.0 mm Pb


Set of 3 sizes (small, medium, large)


order code: HSWKV



Protective Thyroid Collar


Lead equivalence: 0.50 mm Pb


Available sizes (order code):
• Standard (E4K3Q)
• with extended front protection (G5YRY)

Dental Apron


Lead equivalents (order code):
0.25 mm Pb front and back (G5YWA)
0.35 mm Pb front and back (H85HD)
0.50 mm Pb front and back (G4NN5)


Available sizes:

60 x 80 cm

All lower body protection items carry the CE mark.


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