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The CAWO DIGIT imaging plate is CAWO's latest hightechnology version of a key link in the digital imaging chain, ensuring improved image quality for dedicated applications.


CAWO Digital Imaging Plates are designed for medical applications only. They shall
not be used for Non-Destructive-Testing (NDT) applications.

Click here for download the brochure CAWO Digital Imaging Plates, DIGIT AL, DIGIT BL
Imaging Plates, DIGIT AL, DIGIT BL 2018-[...]
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Click here for download the user manual for CAWO Imaging Plates
Imaging Plates user manual 2018-02.pdf
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Most common sizes:

Size * Order codes   DIGIT AL Order codes    DIGIT BL
13 x 18 cm 57JBV XB5CT
15 x 30 cm XB5AP XB5DV

18 x 24 cm

24 x 30 cm ES77Y ESECX
20 x 40 cm 57JAT XB5EX
30 x 40 cm 57JCX ESEDZ
35 x 35 cm XB5BR EVH7S
35 x 43 cm EXJ8G ESEAT
8 x 10 inch 57JDZ EZ5UP
10 x 12 inch 57JCX EWYS4

* other sizes upon request

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