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The affordable, compact CAWO DIGID 1.2 Digitizer is designed as an ideal solution for small practices, offering a cost-effective entry into Digital Radiography without compromising on I

image quality.

  • Affordable computed radiography solution that makes no compromises on image quality
  • Convenient and fast workflow
  • Robust yet easy to install and maintain (with its 'one screwdiver' concept and modular, component-based design, maintenance is faster, easier and more cost-effective, as well.)
  • Fits in small spaces and is suited for mobile applications
  • Networking capabilities deliver seamless integration
  • Single cassette feed, throughput up to 44 plates/hour (depending on size)

Versatile, this computed radiography (CR) digitizer can handle a broad range of digital radiography applications.

Cassette sizes

Cassette sizes Plate sizes Spatial Resolution

35 x 43 cm

(14 x 17 inch)

35 x 43 cm

10 pixels/mm

(including for Full Leg / Full Spine)

24 x 30 cm

(with cassette adapter)

24 x 30 cm 10 pixels/mm


CAWO DIGID 1.2 Digitizer comply with the requirements of the Directive 93/42/EEC concerning medical devices.


DIGID 1.2 carries the CE mark

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