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CAWO ABS Cassettes

CAWO’s ABS cassettes are an important product in everyday conventional radiology. Made from strong, lightweight plastic, they are available in most common sizes.


The ABS cassette is also equipped with a magnetic attraction system that secures high-quality images again and again.


All cassettes are in conformity with the requirement of Regulation (EU) 2017/745 relating to medical devices and are in conformity with the Standard DIN EN ISO 13485, 14971, 15223-1 and 4090.


The cassettes carry the CE mark.

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As strong as you need

Not everything as strong as iron is made of iron. The CAWO ABS cassette is made from
Novodur ® , a hard, shock-resistant plastic with an impressive list of quality characteristics
including strength and sturdiness. It is injection-moulded from Novodur ®, combining rigidity
and durability with a weight that is up to 30% lighter than conventional metal cassettes.

It is a particularly temperature-resistant material, proving itself again and again in a wide variety of climatic conditions all over the world. Its polyurethane corners and extra secure locking features ensure that the cassette does not pop open – even if accidentally dropped.


The lifecircle of CAWO’s ABS cassettes are further unhanced by its easily repairable design.
The closing mechanism and the hinge are easily replaced with the help of a simple screwdriver and are available from CAWO as replacement parts.


Advanced design

By virtue of a specially designed magnetic system, the ABS cassette provides an intense uniform contact between the film and the screens.
The back screen is mounted on a magnetised rubber cushion.

The tube side screen is mounted on a floating steel foil.
The magnetic attraction between the magnetised rubber and the steel foil holds the screens and the film tightly together.
The result is an image that is sharper than ever. In addition, magnetism is both: fail-proof and permanent, guaranteeing reliable image quality as well as the long life of the cassette.


Additionally CAWO can supply you with cassettes featuring an ID window. With conventional identification cameras you can easily specify all the necessary patient data, the time and date of the examination on the film.


Identification field sizes


US version: 53,5 x 23,5 mm
EURO version: 53,5 x 13,5 mm

Technical specifications and available sizes

X-ray absorption: 1.35 mm Al. eq. (60KV)
Weight: 1.6 kg (size 35 x 43 cm)

Metric size Order codes standard w/o window Order codes    US window Order codes    EU window
13 x 18 cm 3OTSQ 3OTFZ 37Q2A
15 x 30 cm 37TB4   37TEB

18 x 24 cm

18 x 43 cm 3OTUU 3OTH4 37Q4E
20 x 40 cm 3OTVW 3OTJ6 37Q5G
24 x 30 cm 3OTX1 3OTLB 37Q6J
30 x 40 cm 3OTZ5 3OTNF 37Q7L
35 x 35 cm 3OT17 3OTOH 38Q8N
35 x 43 cm 3OT2A 3OTPK 37Q9P

Sizes without order codes are not available.

Imperial size Order codes   standard w/o window Order codes    US window
8 x 10" 3OT3C 3OTQM
10 x 12" 3OT4E 3OTRO
11 x 14" 37RAT 37RBV
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