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CAWO Mammo Cassettes

CAWO Mammo cassettes are easy to handle and shockproof, using rubber corners. Thanks to its innovative technology the weight of these cassettes could be reduced to a minimum.


Above all, every cassette provides excellent diagnostic results and runs through 100% quality control before leaving our factory.


Due to quality and safety demands CAWO only offers Mammo sets, completely mounted and controlled:
CAWO Mammo cassette with CAWO Mammo screen R200 or R300.


All cassettes are in conformity with the requirement of the Council Directive 93/42/EEC concerning medical devices and are in conformity with the Standard

DIN EN ISO 4090: 2004-08.


The cassettes carry the CE mark.

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Lightweight durability

CAWO Mammo cassettes offer an impressive list of advantages gained through the use of specially developed technology:

Macrolon, which is an extremely tough and light plastic material.


Therefore CAWO Mammo cassettes offer high reliability, durability, comfort at a minimum weight.


Accidental opening is not possible due to safe locks.


Advanced design


The CAWO Mammo cassette is designed to reduce the screen/film – thorax distance to less than 2 mm and therefore ensure more diagnostic information.


Additionally CAWO Mammo cassettes have pneumatic foam which creates a fast air extraction and then allows use of the cassette immediately after closure. And it also creates perfect contact between film and screen during the first few seconds after closing the cassette.


CAWO can supply you with Mammo cassettes featuring an ID window.


Identification field sizes


US version: 53,5 x 23,5 mm
EURO version: 53,5 x 13,5 mm

Technical specifications and available sizes

Weight: 1.5 kg (size 35 x 43 cm)


CAWO Mammo cassettes are only sold as complete sets, with mounted CAWO Mammo screens.

CAWO Mammo Combination with R200 Screen

Metric size Order codes standard w/o window Order codes    US window Order codes    EU window
18 x 24 cm EMHPL EL4ZH EL4XD
24 x 30 cm EMHQN EL41K EL4YF

CAWO Mammo Combination with R300 Screen

Metric size Order codes standard w/o window Order codes    US window Order codes    EU window
18 x 24 cm EMHRP EL6VH EL6TD
24 x 30 cm EMHSR EL6WK EL6UF


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