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CAWO CR Cassettes

The CAWO CR Cassette is lightweight and very comfortable to use.

It is made of synthetic material and it is warm and pleasant to the touch, minimizing patient discomfort.


All cassettes are in conformity with the requirement of the Council Directive 93/42/EEC concerning medical devices and are in conformity with the Standard DIN EN ISO 4090: 2004-08.


The cassettes carry the CE mark.

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As strong as you need

Not everything as strong as iron is made of iron. The CAWO CR cassette is made from
Novodur ® , a hard, shock-resistant plastic with an impressive list of quality characteristics
including strength and sturdiness. It is injection-moulded from Novodur ®, combining rigidity
and durability with a weight that is up to 30% lighter than conventional metal cassettes.

It is a particularly temperature-resistant material, proving itself again and again in a wide variety of climatic conditions all over the world. Its polyurethane corners and extra secure locking features ensure that the cassette does not pop open – even if accidentally dropped.


The lifecircle of CAWO’s CR cassettes are further unhanced by its easily repairable design. The closing mechanism and the hinge are easily replaced with the help of a simple screwdriver and are available from CAWO as replacement parts.


The synthetic material of the CAWO CR Cassette has a special ribbed structure that provides maximum rigidity. This makes the CAWO CR Cassette almost indestructible.

The corners are rubber protected against accidental dropping.


Antistatic inner lining
The inner lining of the CAWO CR Cassette body is made of felt. This ensures a high degree of protection against electrostatic charging, dust collection and mechanical damage on the imaging plate.

Available sizes and order codes

Weight: 1.6 kg (size 35 x 43 cm)

Metric size Order codes Imperial size Order codes
13 x 18 cm ERVZY 8 x 10" E4EYV
15 x 30 cm ERDHV 10 x 12" XB47G

18 x 24 cm

EP7BF 14 x 14" XB48J
18 x 43 cm XB45C 14 x 17" XB49L
20 x 40 cm XB46E    
24 x 30 cm EQE9C    
30 x 40 cm EQFBJ    
35 x 35 cm ERDJX    
35 x 43 cm EQFAG    

These products are designed for medical applications only. They shall not be used for Non-Destructive-Testing (NDT) applications.


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