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CAWO’s film processor is a user-friendly machine, operating at the touch of a button. Its fast
warm-up and development times along with small footprints makes it ideal for a variety of

The CAWOMAT 2000 IR is an X-ray film processor suitable for rapid processing. The film throughput speed of 28 cm/min. results in a film processing time (edge to edge) of 137 sec. and allows the developing of 60 X-ray films per hour. This device is ideal for accident and emergency departments, surgical and orthopaedic clinics and other specialised departments and practices with an average daily film consumption of up to 150 sheets.

Operation is as smooth as clockwork, with the CAWOMAT 2000 IR ready for use as soon as the dispensers are filled and the power is on. A special replenishment circuit guarantees perfect images even when it is used irregularly or after long standstill periods.


All stages of the developing process occur automatically, allowing you to leave the darkroom
as soon as the film has completely disappeared in the machine.


This table-top film processor features an infrared drying system and an advanced electronic command system. By measuring each film, the correct mix of developer, fixer and water is used before the film is dried at the selected temperature.

Operation is so simple, it’s child’s play.

Technical Specifications

Length 109 cm
Width 65 cm
Height 40 cm
Unpacked & Empty 56 kg
Ready to use 88.5 kg
Developer 0.9 l
Fixer 0.9 l
Water 0.9 l
Max. film throughput 60 pcs. / hour
Film throughput speed 28 cm / min.
Processing time 137 sec.
Smallest film size 10 x 10 cm
Largest film width 36 cm
Roll film no
Noise level 55 dB (A)
Voltage 230 - 240 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Max. power consumption 1700 W

The equipment runs with commercial chemical products suitable for table-top machines.
All double- sided coated general X-ray films are suitable for automatic processing.


CAWO film processors comply with the requirements of the Directive 93/42/EEC concerning
medical devices.


CAWOMAT 2000 IR carries the CE mark.


Order code for the CAWOMAT 2000IR: EB9AG

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CAWOMAT2000IR 2018-02.pdf
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Additional Accessories for CAWOMAT 2000IR

Description Articlenumber
External Replenishment System 34UZW
Fixed Water Connection HV49W
Replenishment Bottles Set 3 x 2.5 l 3N5PN
Replenishment Bottles Set 3 x 5 l 3N5OL
Support Table 25JMK

Prices upon request!

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CAWO Supporting Table for CAWOMAT 2018-0[...]
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